Meet our New Member - Steven Jordan

Name: Steven Jordan

Company: Jorco Consultants, LLC

Title: President

What makes us stand out: 40 years development and implementing accounting, paperless, and custom programs to the construction industry. With over 2000 clients over the years, I've developed expertise in many disciplines of construction operations, accounting, and estimating. 

How did you get into the industry? My first client was Bernhard Mechanical. We moved them from manual to automated accounting. From there I expanded into construction because my accounting system has Job Costing.

What is an organization you admire other than your own? Shaw Group. I was there in the beginning and it was amazing to watch how Jim grew the company. 

What led you to CFMA? Great forum to meet people in the industry that I would do business with.

Favorite athlete: Dustin Johnson & Tiger Woods

What are your hobbies? Designing software and golf.

What is something people would be surprised to learn: I'm an avid study of the Bible and have taught it for over 30 years.